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This morning's conversation on FaceBook:

Lietta: My retired husband's kitchen adventures continue. While we got off to a shaky start (per the traditional home economic rules), he is becoming masterful in experimenting with recipes. Last night it was chili (yummy) and this morning it is bacon-wrapped eggs made in muffin tin. I think it is time for him to start blogging his successes and his less than successful attempts. Wait till he writes out the directions he uses to make a recipe. It won't quite look like traditional recipes and that's half the fun :)

Arthur Ruger ‎... Like using a plastic ladle to get the bacon wrapped mac-muffin out of the Teflon cupcake tin.

Sheila Lewis-Chilla: He must be following the example of the Galloping Gourmet! :)Lietta Ruger well Sheila, lol .. he isn't using the fullness of the Galloping Gourmet's approach.

Arthur Ruger NO Sheila, Lietta would not challenge my self-description as the Stumbling Gourmet

Arthur Ruger Hiccup

Arthur Ruger First you lick the spoon .... no, I meant you make the frosting ... then you lick the spoon

Lietta Ruger challenge Arthur - please do blog your experiences. I am way curious to see how you diagram your recipes based on the actual approach you do use. I'm fairly sure this won't be a traditional food or recipe blog. Do it, blog it. Take photos of
the process and finished products providing your kind of instructions for how you do it.

Arthur Ruger Is there any money in it or do I have to count on Google Ad Sense and count hits?

Lietta Ruger the sheer enjoyment of people's comments on your unique approach to cooking will bring you much joy, dear husband, as it will your readers.

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